The decision for the type of floor that you want for your bathroom or kitchen depends on many factors. Do you want hardwood or tile? Ceramic or laminate? When it comes to kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling, the decision-making process can be challenging. That’s because there are so many decisions to make, from lighting, to countertops, to custom kitchen and bathroom cabinets, to one of the most important – kitchen flooring and bathroom flooring. Interior Trend has all of the industry’s leading kitchen and bathroom flooring options. We will provide you with all of the information you need in order to make an informed and suitable decision for your bathroom remodeling or kitchen renovations project.

The floors in your kitchen and bathroom are a very important and dramatic part of your kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling renovation. They set the stage for the entire room. Floors come in many styles, and differ in upkeep, patterns, feel, and more. This is why finding and choosing the perfect floor for your home renovation is sometimes difficult. Interior Trend has all of the answers to even your most detailed kitchen flooring or bathroom flooring questions.

When you think elegant, you think tile flooring. That is why the most popular kind of kitchen flooring is a natural tile floor, tile floor, or laminated kitchen floor. Ceramic tile is also a common choice for kitchen flooring and provides an affordable upgrade over any other flooring option. Other popular choices are hardwood floors or laminate hardwood floors for kitchen flooring. Genuine hardwood is warm, classic, rich and timeless. Hardwood floors add a beautiful and inviting feeling of warmth to any newly remodeled kitchen. Interior Trend can assist you in choosing from styles like solid wood or engineered wood, as well as different species and grades of wood for your kitchen remodeling project. And we can do this to fit any budget.

You may be familiar with the very popular bamboo or cork hardwood floor options. But there are a wide variety of choices of hardwood floors for kitchens. The patterns in these types of wood are both unique and beautiful. If you are looking for plank, strip or parquet hardwood flooring, Interior Trend can recommend what type of kitchen flooring would look best in your kitchen remodeling renovation. Most types of hardwood are available in either pre-finished or unfinished options. Interior Trend will take you step by step in helping you find the right floor to fit your budget, style, and needs.

In addition, you can add an element of warmth to your kitchen remodeling or bathroom renovations project. We offer radiant heat flooring for your kitchen or bathroom. This radiant heat system is a popular option for bathroom floors but it is also used in kitchen flooring as well. Interior Trend will include this added element and incorporate it seamlessly in your interior design. Any floor you want in any style that you desire, Interior Trend will achieve your vision, and we’ll do it with a budget friendly, high impact design.