When considering kitchen countertops, the sky is the limit. For your convenience, we have provided a list of coutertop options and styles below, which include a brief description of their special uses, styles, and qualities.

Solid Surface: These countertops differ greatly from granite countertops, which most of us are familiar with. A solid surface kitchen countertop is a single solid block. These countertops are custom made for your kitchen renovations, which allows you to have a more seamless finished kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling project and space, because you can choose and match the color of the surface. And if you happen to nick or scratch it, these minor flaws can be easily sanded out without hurting the countertop. Corian is considered the best in solid surface countertops and Interior Trend carries it. You can check out Corian’s website to see the colors, types, and styles of solid surfaces.

Granite Countertops: In recent years, granite countertops have become very popular with kitchen remodeling. Some people even choose to have them put in their bathrooms as well. It is a natural, beautiful material and makes a significant impact in a kitchen or bathroom, whether it is large or small. Because there are many granite suppliers today, it is easier to find top quality granite at an affordable price. Granite will last for many, many years, partly because it is heat resistant. And with the wide range of color combinations as well as the marbleization found naturally in granite, it is easy to see why it is such a prevalent choice for kitchen countertops. Interior Trend offers only the best granite countertops when it comes to kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling, and we use special sealants to protect your granite. You can immediately enjoy them without worry about upkeep and maintenance once it is installed.

Laminates: These kitchen countertops or bathroom countertops are quickly becoming very popular for kitchen and bathroom renovations projects. For those who like minimal upkeep, laminate kitchen countertops may be the choice for you. They are long lasting, simple to maintain and clean, and come in a wide range of styles and colors. Interior Trend works with Pionite, a top quality laminate surface provider. What exactly is laminate? It is a plastic-like material that is beautiful, yet very functional and sturdy. And it may be the right choice for your kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling project.

Engineered Stone: These surfaces are man-made and are created from quartz, a natural substance, along with other materials. Due to the fact that it is engineered, it is offered in a vast array of styles and colors, which can suit any kitchen remodeling design. And there is no need to seal engineered stone countertops – they are resistant to stains and scratches, because it is non-porous, unlike stone. Interior Trend offers the top manufacturers of engineered stone kitchen countertops or bathroom countertops, with names like Zodiaq and Silestone. This is an excellent choice for many kitchen renovations and bathroom remodeling project.

Wood: You’ve been reading about all of these interesting and cutting-edge surfaces, but you’re thinking, “I just like the look and feel of natural wood.” Well, Interior Trend offers wood kitchen countertops or bathroom countertops at a price that is right for you. The rich, warm tones and look of wood cannot be replaced. If wood is the look you’re after for your kitchen countertops, then butcher block countertops is what you want. With a multitude of grains that are naturally found in wood, as well as the many finishes and colors, there is sure to be a choice for you. Interior Trend can provide you with the best wood countertops in popular bamboo, oak, or maple. Or, if you have a particular wood in mind, Interior Trend can install beautiful, functional kitchen countertops in your choice. These kitchen countertops can be sanded and resealed to look like they did the day they were installed, and are easy to clean if scratched. They will be a beautiful addition to your kitchen renovations or bathroom remodeling project.