When thinking about kitchen or bathroom design, you may not see a direct connection between the materials and design that you choose for your kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling project and your lifestyle, age, gender, marital status, and family. But this, in essence, is what propels the project process down the path and direction of its conception, design, and completion.

Because of the media’s focus on producing more cooking shows, food websites, DIY stations, and home improvement programs, the kitchen and bathroom have become the highlighted spaces in our homes today. First, let’s think about how the kitchen has evolved in our lifetime. Today, the kitchen doesn’t just provide us with a room in our home to cook our meals and find nourishment – it has become an interactive room where we talk about our day while chopping vegetables, share secrets over a gallon of ice cream, or sit at the kitchen table and make some of the biggest decisions of our lives with our family and friends. The kitchen has become a focal point in our home, where families come together and reconnect.

You may say, “I understand why a kitchen would be considered an important part of the home, but I don’t really see how a bathroom would be.” Like kitchens, bathrooms, and the role they play in our lives, have also evolved. Today, when someone moves forward with a new bathroom remodeling project, it is because they are looking to create a space that can provide them with quiet, tranquility, and relaxation – characteristics found in expensive and luxurious spas. With a new bathroom, you can recreate that spa experience right in your own home, making your “staycation”, should you opt for one, a true retreat.

The abovementioned reasons for kitchen remodeling or bathroom renovations stem from our lifestyle changes and evolution over the years. How this is physically translated into the home is through materials and design. Manipulating the space through different materials, unique layouts, and multiple surface levels can provide the homeowner with their ultimate kitchen design. Combining surface materials and cabinetry, for example, is another way to create interest as well as work zones within the kitchen space. Designers can use different levels on countertops in order to keep openness within a floor plan. Dividing rooms and defining adjacent spaces completely caters to the needs of the client by providing multiple levels for different cooking tasks, creating multiple working zones, and epitomizing the sense of gathering.

If your lifestyle is family oriented, then the kitchen is the center of your home. Kitchen remodeling designs now open up the kitchen to the family room, the dining room, and, in some cases, even the entry into the home. Today, more than ever, the layout of the kitchen and adjacent spaces are vital to the family dynamics within the home.

If you happen to be a more mature client, then you may tend to be drawn towards some newer technologies. These may include convention ovens and induction cooktops, which make life easier within the home. Older clients also seem to prefer the more exotic stones and woods for their kitchen renovations or bathroom remodeling projects. It seems, for this group of clients, that the emphasis is focused on a cohesive design that combines what they like as well as what works for them. The preference for timeless design, high quality materials, and all the gadgetry that they desire is what separates them from the younger generation.

As with style and fashion and many other industries and realms of the world, kitchen remodeling and bathroom renovations are dictated by the gender of the client. Women tend to lean towards designs that are lighter and more airy when it comes to the color ways and aesthetics of their new space. Men, on the other hand, prefer the darker earth tones, rich, deep woods, and stainless steel. Women tend to look at how the appliances look from a style point of view, where men tend to search for the functionality and durability. Of course, as with all things, there are also exceptions to these theories. On the whole, however, this is typically how kitchen remodeling or bathroom renovations occur with both genders.

Whatever your reasons for deciding to move forward with your kitchen renovations or bathroom remodeling, it is very likely that these factors will influence the style and design of your new space. Home improvements always make your home more marketable and add significant value to your home. And today, with the way kitchens and bathrooms have become more central to our lives, renovating these special spaces will not only improve your home, but it will also improve your way of life.