Lighting helps bring contrast and interest into any room in your home. But when looking for lighting for your kitchen, these special fixtures have to be very functional and very stylish. There are a variety of lighting options to choose from when considering your kitchen renovation. Here are five popular types you will probably come across when considering lighting for your newly renovated kitchen.

1. Mix and Match Light Fixtures

If your new kitchen is going to have an eclectic feel, mixing and matching light fixtures may be the way to go. This combination approach creates a collected look, as if your kitchen evolved over time with a mix of traditional cabinetry and industrial pieces. You can make the light fixtures relate to each other by putting in similar, but unique, pieces while keeping with the overall unfitted look.

2. Vintage Lighting

If you’re looking to give a French country style to your kitchen, then vintage lighting may be what you’re after. If you are planning a lighter, more neutral style kitchen, then having heavier and darker iron pendants, for example, will help give the room weight. This type of lighting works great as an accent for your kitchen and also offers a vintage flair.

3. Spotlights

Maybe you would like to focus on your work area? Spotlights are a perfect option for doing just that. If you have an island, you can illuminate your prep work area with spotlights that complement the style of your kitchen, or you could get two wall-mount lights in a metal finish to fit the look of the metal hood range above your stove.

4. Staggered Pendant Lighting

This is fashionable function at its best. Lighting contributes to a kitchen’s overall look and feel, and if you have a contemporary kitchen, staggered lighting can provide the stylish look you want in a very functional way. You could try hanging cylindrical pendants of varying diameters in a staggered pattern to provide this unique look.

5. Metal Fixtures

If you like the look of sleek, smooth metal and you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen into a more modern space, metal fixtures could definitely work for your kitchen. Sleek pendants with metal shades can echo the cabinet hardware and commercial-style faucet. You could attach the lights to the ceiling by a discreet cable, keeping the overhead space open.

As mentioned before, lighting, like any other part of a kitchen remodel, has infinite possibilities. It all comes down to your personal style and the new feel you want to give your kitchen. These five options can help get you started on what kind of lighting you think would work for you and your home.