After washing the breakfast dishes this morning with the same leaky faucet you’ve been putting off changing, or when you finished brushing your teeth while getting ready for work with your outdated looking fixtures, you probably thought to yourself, “It’s time.”

Plumbing fixtures, and in particular, faucets, are both functional and stylish pieces of your kitchen and bathroom. And when they are leaky or malfunctioning, you’re losing more than just your patience. You’re literally letting your hard-earned money drip right down the drain.

You’ve finally reached the point where you’ve decided to change your faucet. Now you need to know the basics so you can make the right decision when choosing your new faucet and plumbing fixtures.

1. Buy your faucet at your local plumbing fixture showroom.

Going to your local hardware store or big box chain is most likely not going to help you find the quality or style of kitchen faucet or bathroom faucet you’re looking for. The best place to look for your faucet is at your local plumbing fixture store, where you can make a well-informed purchase with the help of expert and knowledgeable staff in this industry. Although it may be more expensive, they will most likely have exactly what you’re searching for because they specialize in faucets and plumbing fixtures. Interior Trend can offer you exceptional products while staying within your budget. They will help you find the right bathroom or kitchen faucet for you.

2. Have correct measurements when picking out your faucet.

Make sure to measure your existing fixture before you leave the house by writing down its height and depth. You don’t want your new faucet to hit the windowsill or be too close to the back of the sink.

Next, make a note of how many hole cutouts there are for the fixture. Is it a single hole, or a triple hole? If your faucet has a spout and lever all in one, then you have a single-hole fixture. If your faucet has a spout and hot and cold levers, then you have a triple-hole fixture. You can always change from a triple-hole fixture to a single-hole easily. All you need to do is add a base plate to the fixture. Interior Trend can explain the whole process to you and help you get the look you want.

3. Know the style & function before picking your new faucet.

Do you want a kitchen faucet that turns on with the touch of your hand (or elbow, or wrist)? Do you want one that pulls out and can spray your kitchen sink clean? Do you want stylish levers for your bathroom faucet or something more straightforward and modern? Make sure you have an idea of what you want before you walk into the showroom. Once there, the staff will show you all of the options that fit both your requirements and tastes. Choosing the right faucet for your kitchen or bathroom may not be easy, but you can rest assured that going to a plumbing showroom will provide you with the best plumbing fixtures in both quality and style. And that will help ensure that you will enjoy your faucet for many years to come.